Altaco Co. started its activity in 2008. The company operates in the field of sales of lighting products and the implementation of lighting fixtures on the inside, in the field of elastic roofs, patina and gold plate. 

Lighting: It uses the latest lighting technology in optical fiber and provides a great chance for light designers to create brilliant and brilliant lighting effects at any location. Domestic, commercial, such as restaurants, hotels, trophies, amphitheaters, shopping malls, swimming pools, sanitary facilities ... The benefits of lighting with fiber optic power consumption between 100 and 150 watts, the ability to play back light and Depth, star and galactic roles, long life, flexible design, no heat and heat from the output of the lights, in terms of safe and safe electricity, it transmits only light, not electric current.

Elastic roofs: Altaco Inc. is an importer of elastic roofing technology in Iran. Based on its knowledge and human capital and the transfer of modern and modern technologies from the Ukraine to the country, the company has been able to launch the most equipped and advanced factory of elastic roof ceilings in Iran and deliver quality products. Honorable employers.

Tailoring: The company has been working with Eltakovo Arte Company for about a decade of experience in the field of decorative patina making, combining sheets, artistic painting, prominent patina, crack paint, motif, Goldtach and space design. Eltakvoar has a brilliant career with an experienced and talented staff inspired by a variety of modern Italian, French and Turkish designs in luxurious buildings.

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